Client Testimonials

A conversation with Lee Kliebert

“What I find unique about being here is that, it’s a real respite for me from the stress of my job. It’s something that I can look forward to at the end of the day. It’s something that I know will address the physical issues that I’m having at a given point and time, but as important as that it sets the tone for me for the next day and the rest of the week.”
-MassageSmith Client Lee Kliebert

A Conversation with Victoria Joseph

“I specifically found MassageSmith because of prenatal. Because this was one that specialized in prenatal, and I wanted someone that not only did massage, but did good prenatal massage and knew what I was going to need. I felt that the places that needed to be focused on, that I didnt even really know needed to be focused on but felt the best like my pelvis, my ligaments, my back, and the things that were really hurting my body,┬áJodi really knew and she worked on, and specifically targetted them, which was really nice.”
-MassageSmith client Victoria Joseph

A Conversation with Erica Loomis

“I quickly became comfortable, its just a very professional, clean, comfortable environment. Jodi is very soft-spoken and kind, and I feel like I have developed a very positive relationship with her. I have to say that whenever I speak about my experience at MassageSmith, it is always very positive, and I really enjoy sharing my experience with my friends and family.”
-MassageSmith client Erica Loomis

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