Our mission has always been to offer high quality massage services at affordable pricing in order to make massage therapy available to more people more of the time! We see the hectic pace that most of us keep and are happy to be able to provide a respite from that environment.

Our therapists are trained in several different modes of massage therapy. We incorporate different techniques within one session to provide the best possible outcome for each client. Most commonly used styles are Swedish massage, myofascial release, reflexology, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, post-isometric muscle release and positional release. Clients are modestly draped except for the body part being worked on.

Massage for relaxation
This session is a full-body massage that is geared towards total relaxation. Once the session gets underway, the problems of the world fade into an oblivious 60 minutes of relief. You can opt to try the safe and relaxing feel of hot or cold stone massage. The hot stones sooth and relax, while the cold stones feel wonderful on headache areas.

Massage for pain relief
Chronic or acute pain can be addressed via massage in many cases. These site-specific sessions are tailored to client’s needs and last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Shoulder pain, headaches, low back pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder are all examples of conditions that massage can effectively treat. For more on the benefits of massage, see the “about massage” tab.

Pre-natal massage
Expectant mothers are very special to us at Massagesmith. Additionally, massage is a simply wonderful thing to do for your body and mind during a pregnancy. Studies show how pre-natal massage helps to shorten labor time, labor pains, and can help to alleviate both swollen limbs and pain during pregnancy. We enjoy pampering each woman with special pillows and literature handouts that you won’t find anywhere else. Pre-natal massage is offered at the same rate as other services.

Using appropriate pressure, the therapist stimulates specific parts of your feet and hands during a reflexology session.  Each reflex point correlates to a specific body part or system and working on that reflex point benefits the corresponding area of the body.  A reflexology session will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed throughout your whole body!

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