The Best Massage in Okemos and East Lansing (or anywhere else, for that matter!)


Have you ever left a massage feeling as if you did not get your money’s worth?  As if you didn’t get enough therapy in the places that you had wanted?  Or the pressure/ lotion/temperature wasn’t just right?  Unfortunately, it happens often and leaves the customer with $70-100 less in their pocket and an hour or two less on their calendar.

Finding the best massage in Okemos, East Lansing, or anywhere else, depends several factors.  Of course, it’s a very subjective, personal choice because, although massage is a professional therapy, it is still very intimate.  Each person has their own preferences.  But the best massage therapist will be able to adjust their style and therapy to match individual needs.  With just a little recon work, you can find a massage studio or massage therapist that will give you the best massage for your needs every time!  Here’s a quick list of things to watch for when you are getting a massage or even before you arrive.

How much time does the therapist spend with you before the massage gathering information about your medical conditions and personal preferences?  You can ask about this on the phone before your appointment.  You can also let the therapist know that you’d like to have a few extra minutes to talk about your needs.  If your therapist cannot give you 4 or 5 minutes extra without cutting in to your massage time (assuming you were on time for your appointment), then it might not be the best massage that you will ever receive.

Are there variable elements of the massage about which the therapist gives you a choice?  We all know that too many choices can be annoying at the least, overwhelming at the most.  However, giving the client a choice about using scents or essential oils can be a game changer for some clients.  Things like offering an extra blanket if you comment on being chilled, dimming the lights when you turn face up, or having a few types of lubricants available for allergies/preferences are all small variables that should be available to you when you are paying for a professional massage.

Lastly, does your therapist or massage business offer small niceties that add extra value to your experience?  Do they offer you water or tea after your massage?  How about a small chocolate, eye pillow or customized music selection?  There are a host of tiny extras that can add to your therapy without much cost or time.  Small details are a sure sign of someone who is going to give you a great massage and pay attention to the details on your body.

Keep these three items in your mind the next time you get a massage in order to evaluate whether or not you might be getting the best massage possible.

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